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A brief overview

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The parents' portal for childcare places in Cologne is both clear and informative. Here you will find the publicly funded day care centres (Kitas) of almost all providers in the city. With the help of different filters, you can narrow down your search and adapt it to your wishes. The results pages provide an initial informative overview of the respective daycare centres, including a city map showing their location.

Pre-register online

Once you have registered, you can pre-register your child online with up to five daycare centres of your choice per kindergarten year. If you receive a rejection, you have the option of placing a childcare request at another Kita or at another time.


Only use one account per family.
Otherwise there may be problems with the display of your requests. You can have several children in one account.

Please always provide your current address.
If your address changes after registration, you are required to notify the selected day care centres of this change. Please use the change service in your childcare overview to do this.

You need help?

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General questions are answered in our frequently asked questions (FAQs) .

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For telephone assistance, please call the Citizens' Helpline on: 0221 / 221-30300

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